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|/\   L'E'T'''S   G'E'T   M'I'N'I'M'A'L   /\|
a b o u t

It was March 2021, Covid-19, lockdowns. After a busy period, working on an intensive project, the government decided to take an Easter break. Suddenly the week looks different and there is some free space in my head. Knowing myself, it doesn't take long before this free space is filled again.

Artworks have been floating in my head for a long time, so I decide to put these ideas on paper. In the same week my age-old love for techno music reappears, no idea why, but the two elements suddenly merge seamlessly. I reworked some of the techno tracks I had made in the past and everything started to add up.

In the meantime I had already made about twenty drawings and decided to cast the project into a brand. The typography and accompanying logo were ready on April 7. The logo consists of the M for Minimal and the S for Steve, fused into one unique symbol. I decided to consider the logo as a work of art and named it 'Let's Get Minimal'. When techno music meets minimal art, resulting in a unique and original aesthetic, Minimal Steve is born and this story began.

b e   p a r t   o f   t h e   s t o r y

Be part of this story! You can buy this logo artwork as NFT and become a shareholder. Let's see how the story continues and how it spreads around the world.

Available on OpenSea.io : https://opensea.io/collection/minimalsteve